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September 9, 2011
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"[[Keep Moving and Get Out of the Way


"Suit of Vomit" is the pilot episode of the philosophy podcast Roderick on the Line. This episode was first released on September 9, 2011.


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R: Hello? M: Hello, how are you? R: I'm well, how are you? M: Mmm, pretty good. I'm sorry I'm late. R: Oh, no, it's okay; I was early. M: Do you remember that time we went out and got a steak? When I was in Seattle we went to a pretty nice — not the really, really nice place — but we sat outside and we had a steak. Do you remember that? We gossiped about our friends. R: Yeah, I mean, we've gotten a lot of steaks. M: Mmm, we should cover that. R: But yeah, I do remember this one particular time. M: Let's circle back; I want to talk more about steaks. But I *think* that's the first time I ever heard somebody order an Arnold Palmer. Is it possible that that was the first time that I heard that, and that it was you that did that? R: It was almost certainly me, and I guess it's possible it was the first time. Arnold Palmers have really exploded in popularity lately. M: This is the reason I am late. R: Oh, you were having a *morning* Arnold Palmer? M: -sigh- I got into a terrible habit. You know how it can be with abusing any substance. R: Yeah, yeah. M: It starts out simple enough. R: Yeah, oh yeah. M: I started out; the gateway drug for me was the Snapple — the lemon tea Snapple. R: Which is terrible stuff. Those people are like abortion clinic bombers. M: Yes. Very much. Like Nazi, abortion — first they build the abortion clinic, they let the abortions happen, then they bomb the clinic. You get 'em going both ways; east *and* west. R: Yeah. 9/11 was a conspiracy. M: Yeah. R: It was faked. M: Hmmm. Let's ... Both: Let's circle back to that. M: Okay. I started, the gateway drug for me. The first thing was the ... I don't know why I did it ... I looked at the back, I'm trying to avoid the HFCS. R: Which is High Fructose Corn Syrup. M: I think it's bad for you? R: Yeah. M: I don't think sugar is good for you, but I'm trying — I don't know why I'm onboard with that particular trend. R: I suspect that might be liberal healthfood store — ah — overprotective mom horseshit. M: Do you really? You know I'm very suspicious of all of those. You think that's one of those fakey things? R: I don't know. I mean ... after it's been processed so much that all that's left in it is, like, hydrocarbons. Right? So if you believe that processing is inherently bad. But that seems like a spiritual argument. The thing itself isn't any worse for you than sugarcane. The, the, the molecules aren't any worse. M: Are you sure about that? R: I don't know, but it just seems like it. It just seems like it's one of those things where the argument is that it's been processed so much that, like, the healthful spirits have been taken out of it; the natural sprites; the natural elves of health have been chased out, and all that's left is some, like, is some Hitler crystal that, that sends you marching into battle. M: The elves are gone, and nothing's left. Nothing's left but elf poo and very old Hustlers. R: Right. M: They've moved out; it's all gone. R: Although, let me tell you ... if I were to find a stockpile of very old Hustlers. M: Or elf hustlers. R: Well certainly, definitely elf hustlers. I would look askance. M: Remember that guy from PBS. 'Some people hustle cards, I hustle elves.' And then he'd walk up the rainbow. Did you ever watch that "Star Hustler"? Do you remember "Star Hustler"? He had a members only jacket zipped all the way up, and he was very excited about the sky. Maybe you didn't get that. R: You had — in Florida, I think you had different pbs than we did. M: Oh, we had different everything. Now. The problem is — I don't know if it's the High, the Fucktose, the corn, or the syrup. I don't even know where the problem is. R: Did you just call it 'Fuctose'? Both: (laugh) R: High Fuctose Corn Syrup? M: Made from the best stuff on earth. I thought I was in the clear, but here's the thing. I went there today, I don't know why. I tried to get a coffee; I didn't have time to get a coffee. I wanted to have something to pump me up so I could keep up with you. And I went in, they were out of the Lemon Tea, so ... I thought of you, and I picked up — now here is the funny part, are you ready for this? — it's Arnold Palmer 'lite' half-and-half. Arnold Palmer *brand* 'lite' in big red-with-white-letters-on-it half-and-half iced tea lemonade. They didn't have anything but the lite. It's like those CFLs. 'We're saving 10% by making it a 90 watt bulb.' R: A 90 watt bulb that needs to be disposed in a hasmat container because it's full of mercury. So you're telling me that Arnold Palmer drink now is branded 'Arnold Palmer Drink', and it's in a can? M: Ah, this is a 20 ounce bottle. It's slender and tall. It's kinda like, almost a smart water form factor. It's got a kind of a — not a tripartite, what would you call it? — a triptich of him on the front. You've got him as a young guy. Oh, and there's a bunch of snapshots on here too. To prove that this is arnold palmer, I guess. R: To sell this product to a generation of kids who have never heard of arnold palmer. M: If you encounter an Arnold Palmer product that only has four pictures of Arnold Palmer on it, turn it away. It's literally Hitler Poison. R: That's right. Both: (laugh) M: This has six pictures of gulfing legend Arnold ... but the one they chose for the main one of the triptich is him looking a little like he can't decide whether he's confused or mad. Like, he looks a little altz-y. He's just staring off in one direction. But, you know, it says here 'great buy, one dollar'. But you don't worry that much about what you put in your body. R: No, that's not true. And, in fact, Arnold Palmers have always been an opportunity to *craft* a drink out of a mixed set of ingredients. Like, for me, an Arnold Palmer is an entry-level Fruity Pleaser. M: Did you make that phrase? R: Fruity Pleaser? M: Yeah, you use it a lot. You use it on tour, you mention it a lot. I don't mean to interrupt, but did you invent that term, just out of curiosity? R: No, but it was invented for me by my long-time bartender, whose name is Jeff Sparks, who now owns his own bar in Seattle called the Dexter and Haze. And I went into his bar after I quit drinking, and I sat down and I was like, 'well, I quit drinking...' M: 'now what.' R: Yeah, and he said, 'Well, that bodes ill for my business.' And I said, 'Yeah, well...' M: Cherry juice and soda. R: 'I'm spreading the suffering around, you know. I have to quit drinking, so fuck you.' And he said, 'Well, let's see, we need to make you a drink. And, you know, he made what would be a Suicide, or a Graveyard, except out of mixed fruit juice instead of out of pop. So cranberry, orange, grapefruit, a little bit of the Maraschino cherry water. M: Mmhm. R: You know like — M: You guys opened for them once, I think. R: Maraschino Cherry Water? M: Yeah. R: Yeah, they were amazing. And, you know, they were ahead of this whole twee rock thing. But anyway, so he called it a Fruity Pleaser, and it's been Fruity Pleaser ever since. And I think in most of the bars in Seattle now, if you say 'fruity pleaser' to the bartender, they know what you're talking about. M: I think you just. First of all, well. Second of all, I like the fact that you've introduced some entropy to this. It's gonna be a different drink every time, and I like that. But first of all, I think you've found your version of the Arnold Palmer. I think you need to brand this. I don't know how you could pass the FDA in putting that out, but I'm just saying. R: Good idea. Fruity pleaser. M: Right, and it's different every time. We don't know: it might be good; it might be bad. That orange juice might be from concentrate. That's the nature of the Fruity Pleaser. R: And that's the thing. Sometimes you go into a nice bar, and you order a fruity pleaser, and the fruit juice has that kind of mouldy taste, like it's been sitting in the gun, or sitting in the freezer for too long. You know what I mean? Like, you go into a bar, sometimes you order a fruit — M: Well, it's always in those... Well, you've worked in bars more than me. But the ones I think of would be in those white plastic containers that noone really rinses very well. And it's a mixer. Let's be honest. It's a mixer that's going to go with Well Brands. Somebody's going to get a something-something-whiskey-and-coke or something. R: Right. M: The coke comes out of the shooter. You call it a gun, is that what you call it? R: You call that the gun, yeah. M: You call it the gun. But I don't think a lot of care, by and large, your typical Seattle bar, I don't think there's a lot of care going into rinsing this. It's a built-in fruity pleaser in some ways. R: Well you go into a lot of bars, and the

I think it'd be in those white

but anywhere like they were ahead of the full twee rock thing. Yes, but anyway, so he called her fruity pleaser and and it, and it's been pretty please represent my thinking and most of the bars in Seattle. Now if you say pretty please are to the bartender. And they know you talking about, I think you just first of all well. Second of all, I I like the fact that you have introduced some entropy to this, it can be a different drink every time I like that. First, I think you've done your are you the Arnold Palmer. I think you need to brand this item. I.e. I don't know you depend the FDA and putting now, but I'm thinking pretty please are right, it's different every time. We are not meant to get many bad orgies, maybe from concentrate. That's the nature, the free pleaser and has the thing. Sometimes you going to the nice bar, you are pretty please are in the fridges has that kind of vaguely hold the taste like it's been sitting in a it's been sitting in the gunner sitting in the freezer for two audio at me like your toolbar sometimes order fruit. What's always and this was way that you work in part by me but that I think of Urbina 's white plastic containers that nobody really rinses very well and it's a mixer list. Yes, it's an accident, and I go with. Usually, Barb Barone, what will blow brands found easily and again a something something W and Coke or something like the cut comes out of the shooter before going such, the call that a gun, you thought the time, but I don't pick a lot of care by larger typical Seattle bar. I don't want to project to the Islamic are going and rinsing. This legal and little differently. Please are in some ways, the Jews actually like orange juice, cranberry juice is also coming out of the gun, so it's going past some moldy Coca-Cola molecules on its way not to make this all about molecules, but it's going, Cathy's mouses all by him stricken, but it is in Seattle and Portland and other superhero trading American community is you getting any now. Sometimes I going to a bar. However, pretty please are and the bartender since an hand, squeezes five lines to grapefruits up up up pineapple. A watermelon like you makes me a drink that by all rights should cost twenty five dollars because of it. Clearly, care, that's gone into it and it. Some of those fruity pleases of the best in Thailand, but so I think when Arnold Palmer has in that class like this is something that's limited to make three out of what they have at the bar, not not something I can, but I love this I will miss for me. Please are a you can idea meta- young I ever will. This is the thing. I mean you're getting older is why I assume I emphasize you getting heavier to think harder and harder for you to move the sixth of July two hundred and six Rhode Island and will like it on the backseat of a car being driven by Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor's sitting in the bath, deceit, and I'm yelling out again. I didn't like it, but in tears and I won't forget that. I tried to and I bet it's getting hard to move on. Saying you can extend your brand in an wholesome ways in ways that scale well, you know you and enterprise class beverage that you can but you need some really cute. You have your a lot of what's the word. Anthony's the wrong word, famous or literal word I but at people for review. They might be anointed the public thirsty notoriety did you go to stores. Do you realize how many drinks are in stores now. There's so many drinks and story and I can't stand. I walked on those drink aisles. I just feel like it's just one more land being assaulted. I'm because I'm being I'm being sodomized by American near, I don't, I can't answer you remember, don't you monster. I don't need to keep interrupting you know, I got a celluloid until I get up and up up up up, but if you remember going to the grocery store to get beer back in the old days when when when released. When I drink beer. The seven kinds of beer and another seven hundred and fifty kinds of beer, and I don't know yet. Artists artists analyzed in Mexico and the tomatoes in the different sizes now are disabled, are still good and is taken up will up up up hello, that artificial bread, or if they'll here yeah, the wedding and all kinds of the young small small small task small cask artificial beers you. You fill in the canonical pronunciation of the word is part to the mall, but Artis anal know. It resonates for noncanonical/ ten oh nine, a full tuneup going on in an unknown vehicle safe side, I have no idea who needs that much selection in the honest way. Here's the core problem. The core problem is there's a lot of talking or much much of which has been subsidized by the fourteen government is all kinds of little documentary about the court is going, they had as children: sure, sure you do, but here's the thing it's. It's like the whole economy falling apart being three trillion dollars had find home insulating a lot of bull ship meeting. Chick 's grains in a be paid back, and now that's why nobody is out housing and the thing is, all the cords got a land somewhere and I got imagine that that is the part of the H C S problem last night I went to Safeway. Look for my daughter brought a milk. I got to go I go to Safeway. There are at least seven or eight of those big wide milk, no pertinent doors basically is like six doors of milk right is completely baffling that is like. As always, like so a chocolate. There is no lactose lactose free and looking, but you know what they did not have any. They had like two things of two percent milk in the entire. I think that the failure I think if you've got them a struggle soymilk and you cannot have a talent of two percent milk for a beautiful girl. Something is wrong, John, you just wrote to say that I is thing is, I feel like I like most of that milk is adulterated milk somehow had it. It's been known. The molecules are all a bit adulterated each of Hitler throughout throughout the for all the freezer cases water and allowed a hit or is subsidized by the government in Vichy government still is propping up the mountain while rehabbing the French enjoy because I know they are your favorite topic. The French of French. I like it and as it has a bachelor for many years I ate almost exclusively in restaurants and almost exclusive in restaurants where I knew at least one girl who was a waitress that that is elegant defendant and so I didn't know where my food came from my food came from pretty girls is what I thought an and in that sense I'm like my daughter five five with six -month-old daughter, who also think that food comes from pretty girl but now that I have now to have a little girl have mouths to feed. I'm going to supermarkets am going to grocery stores which is a thing I never used it. I never used to do. I think I probably ought. I was like George Herbert Walker Bush. I had not been in a grocery store since before World War II. With this egret and, to the gallon milk. I don't know fifteen cents from fifty dollars. I don't know now I'm going to grocery stores all the time. I'm looking at. I'm looking at these walls of products am trying to sort through them in order to find enough nutrition to keep my family going and also enough, just raw carbohydrates to fill me with the self-loathing those are my two the two things I look for is something for my family and I need eight thousand calories and carbohydrates mix with cheeses foodies: a pairing of paring down and the whole flight of shame you play them together that you are planning to play to give way to an and so I I'm actually very concerned about like buying things that are vicious and not adulterated because I'm trying to feed people that I care about and I look at these products over and I I spend a lot of joking. I spend our standing in the aisles. America with the with the shopping cart blocking the aisle, reading the ingredients on the back of some canto of multiple mix and wondering what the hell it is and how it happened. It is interact with me and and and yet the farmers market model where I would actually either a grill my own food, or be going somewhere were some hippies are selling food they grew that just so much trouble because you got a goal a lot you go a lot of menu get all that you get all this tale of the hippies all know that and tell you stuff. Ottawa: the tale, I say I think if you need to buy plants in my book, pick up innocent salmon like I'm in a drive to the mall and Micah using out there where you live you from deadly freestanding hippie courts. I is all over. I have to assume out of my garden now. Yet the copper down, but you can come into the house, grabbed some copper tape of copper. The boric acid of the get idea. I've been playing slayer of job you could put up a job document, why have you help wanted sign. Exactly. I write and it didn't be kryptonite that were never installed. This problem is they keep making me angry, and by the he a what you're saying is setting aside the like. This may be your only chance for two minutes to yourself today to go to the store when there is a genuine component of like you you're just going to the store a lot going to the store, a lot. Yeah, Eli. For us it was like the wiki to get diapers from now,, stuff like that. But like you just always buying something and then you get sick and you get something for that. And then you're any register link is always an close close did you close your child. I am a proponent of the naked baby philosophy of one one one. My in order to usually draft sometime pink outfit that and it was then the child was dressed in a pink outfit by it, but unscrupulous others, people usually women in the acute garlic taste, but that the baby has encountered them in the course of her day like she passes through the hands of many women and I think in every every time a woman such as art. She also changes her clothes and three. Solid, such as her little pink his son, something happened that goes on some socks, so they become the middle and the first thing I do is strip off all of this. Like that all this accoutrement that she's acquired in the course of the day and reduce her down to her natural state, which is baby and diaper and then and then there's a little bit of time where she and I just because that that's how I sit around the house. Most of the day, just baby and diaper. That's my my preferred clothing also makes it easier on you. If so, then there's there. The two of us we didn't we we we share well white and then we reset. I think part of attachment parenting like sharing all attachment parenting, that's right. I read about that who we diversion. I will extreme any I how did it now. I mean his lady to distinguish you think, don't even set the kid down for like ninety days is to pass in top ten percent hundred in the editing. I am occurring that the Hulk is the think the nature of it is that the child is not allowed to touch the ground. Wow. Otherwise it'll just be broken emotionally and use a trust that will always be hanging somewhere, we might have done something like that, but it was accidental. We would never put the baby down because how can you put regular old they will look at that you are there so many ways gratefully so many ways gratefully that my daughter is winning more like Madeline Amy, but lonely, we outline common is the pant. The pants come off. He wanted you won't answer a problem. Yes, and I cannot keep getting canceled, rejoicing at home should dynamically. Seven of them. She was right on the issue. The school systems running around like a morning but when I'm hanging out with her is very much hard-core like we're pertaining the rent Pixar movie of our several Pixar movies and that's that. Like what we do, but it's very often mutually pathless and I'm blessed couple of those pics or movies, and I know some of the people at work than I I have to say I think they have a lot of a lot of pants on the characters. Third, there mandated by the Hollywood blue laws of this is a very, very old joke/ bit, but you know their own. They will, however, and now by the Disney and people. For years about why some cartoon island... that picture so why do some cartoon. Reset pants and others. One is way over what is goofy, have pants to put it doesn't have pants. Why is it that hardly any of the no pains, but no extra shirt and hat is going up has a lot of pigs don't have pastor. I think that's a practical thing. I think that's hard to draw in the curly tail is cute, but I don't know medicine imaging for my daughter. She's covered she Spencer hold a surrounded by people and pants were pushing a pants agenda, death, and when she comes home, you know it's a lot like the home schooling thing we try to me crazy with the Bible. I wish he comes home. She needs them a comfortable place where we're pants are not only optional to really frowned upon right here on my behind your December and I think I like me. Let it begin with me. That's how I feel. I've met your little girl and and and and items in Santa Fe. I have not met her enough times, but the that the time I felt with her. She's a magical creature, but NYU with why you would imprison that child infanticide. I can't begin to understand why somebody would do, not you. I know like to cover up magic pants were at the scene, a bottomless Nazi and out big banks to John Pers... how birth. Well you know what what what at what the baby has done after me. I I am an inveterate thrift shop deliver as you know, you and I and many thrift shops and services go together. Alex 's guide is a a serious thrift shop what not a connoisseur like none is more than that, like you, you might as well have a store, you take it so seriously. Yeah, and that's terrible to people come over to the house and I like how you should open a store and I say why not talk when I want to open a store by ionizer this to my friends to who always thinking that I'm sorry to keep swearing, no, you know, I don't know that you have something going on over the Atlantic. We won't get featured on the iTunes Store by limiting the amount I wanted to check it out. I'm not like him. I'm looking at this time is that the fire was to isolate cycles. I wanted we only keep it real. I think I say oh, I don't usually get the fullest of the one-sided, but when we got together, I really thought into them. When the flock are, we can leave here is that you really do seem to look at anything that might fit you like lamps in Yep, I'm wearing a lap right now, vintage lamp at the Westin Lappas got a yellow card, but that that the child is introduced. This whole new universe of shopping for things for the child. After storks and, I I have a hard time with fine children's clothes. The stores are not like it seems to me that you could wrap a child and burlap for the times of the child easily outside and protected from the elements and really the rest of the time. Just quiet. Why are we dressing this while addressing this baby on so many levels, sign it. It's Sony reason not just the child. It is ridiculous and this I'm in the decided minority because as you are. I look as you do. I live in a world of women where I look out from my from my ivory tower and all I see is a sea of women stretching to the horizon and then somewhere very far distance. There's like some guys in the band but a and the webinar about other dresses child compulsively that there is that the kid is in six different outfits every day but outside of the stores and I'm not I I I I can't look for little sailor costumes whatever, but I am now finding I'm on them on this whole trip or I'm like buying old broken toys for the child and then the other part I like the out. It dovetails with so many of my interests and broken toys is one of my interest. Old toys old broken things in arterial appreciation for disappointment. ] learns from a very young age that Hercules don't work and so not to get ahead of herself and like I know you know here's what you have, you have a broken Christmas morning. We break every twenty five per day ago. It you have a wooden toy that other children have played with the death and now you get to you get to caress it's worn surfaces and try not to get cut on the makeshift reality, and you know what that is that daddy 's life that that is what condenses a big difference between a thrift store and like the consignment thing now I was very opposed anything used when people were very currently offering us like stuff as you know we should come under the one revealed prosecutors could discussion the all of them all time not nonliteral poop the latest stuff is this cover would junk all the time similarly, mom and pop little poop at dustbunnies, small electronics but it got all eventually be something you need to clean out out of some kind of a cotton blend, maybe, but it was his day that I was in a special special little like to know you much in junk. Now of course we do other people but seriously, please take this toy. Don't spend sixty dollars on this. Please take this, but now we've looked at some I mean it. We doesn't hit me down. I couldn't be happier. But most of the things that are daughter owns and wears our hand-me-downs. We did have to go through a two-stage process. First, the limiting the things that were like visibly covered in barf and then going through that says that we call that group of staff and then went through this winter the hand-me-downs. The second time to defend, detect the invisible barf, and the slit out like I like infrared, or like upload a black light. Yeah, yeah, all that up and you know will fill your finger. The bill is this garment just held together with dried barf or is this mostly clean, because as you know, a lot of kids clothes, they can only wear that once or twice and then they've outgrown and so alike it's close are fairly pristine. Other things are just, it's just a suit of vomit or so we went through and we called the gold all that out to her that we had some pretty nice stuff.

I was all either freeware or pennies on the dollar- but that's the best of everything I own, I I went to a phase about nine months ago where I had never owned a Ralph Lorenz garments in him. When I was in high school and Ralph Lorenz garments became port were first fashionable with my, peers, my mom refused by Mia Ralph Lorenz, anything because she said that better cost sixty five dollars at Sears. I could buy six shirts.

So I never had a Ralph Lauren, the Polish or the very popular publisher author want to it time. No one ever had one of those right and then I have nine months ago year ago I was in a thrift store, and I and I bought a shirt. It was a it was a of the day that when I left the house, thinking it was to be a warm day and then it turned into a cold day. I don't become sensitive you have no idea what I'm talking about right now. Option buzzes from here, yes, but I am so glad that the store I bought this shirt, and it was a was a pretty nice shirt and it was a Ralph Lauren shirt, so I thought you I'm a grown up now, American Oaks, unless my life wearing.

No creeper Lagoon T-shirts on that, but I can I can buy some shirts some nice shirts that have a concluded T-shirt. All you really quickly given in fiber and all the grades: love their crippling effect. I think it either. I think right now I'm wearing a shirt that you gave me. It says sentences go transit T-shirt commemorating the.

The trolley cars or something, I can see it, Tommy, and isotopic offer no unity to the Polo shirt you longsleeve shirt in silence. I started going to their stores and instead of looking for the stuff that I usually look for ice. I include I I didn't I didn't substitute, but I I added a new section in willing to Peru's which was the button down shirt section and I started buying Ralph Lauren shirts that I found the wounded condition that were cheap and I get I can set like a two dollar to five dollar maximum on Laszlo and the pay and still pay that for sure. I is restores only and a lot of these shirts and other of their other expensive shirts. They were purchased originally by rich people, probably by rich wives or girlfriends and given to men who did not have an interest in the shirt who died today and died for to Doctor Mars and gave away all their shirts and are sitting somewhere right now with their hand down the front of their genes. The dead gene watching sports on a big TV so that the stores are full of these clothes that really haven't been warned that were very expensive initially, and you can buy them for next to nothing. So I decided well I'm good now get out more shirts with the little horsey on the autumn and I swear to in the past year. I probably about twenty of these things down. Unlike Mister Corsi shirt guy such a thing as Mike puts my present thing yet, you often have a thing, you get a guy have a thing that strikes me as a cute you interview at least two examples of things that I associate three things that I associate with you if you will concert many more, but like this is the, the was Clark. Clark's is the heart shares is a Lacoste Lacoste shirts and sneakers. Yes said. Setting aside the chick magnet charter cap for a minute I let you wear them at the wrong time. You didn't wear the stent issues when they were when they were hot like an eighties, or whatever you ditto for the eyes on the cost shirts I should bring it back to taking in turn there is a how are you I mean, I get I get fascinated by a by thing and it's it's kind of outside of the Idaho. I get fascinated by these things. But what I do and then I'll then it's like oh, it's like it it it it it demarcates the passage of time and ally like right. I was wearing Izod shirts for a while a couple of years ago and that it will that wasn't it. In reaction to or even participating in other people 's fashion. It was just a thing that I got interested in and and then I can than I got on them over it and I don't wear Izod shirts anymore, and I've sent them back into the stream that asserts her into the river of life and is there someone else have them now, but I remember I remember at one point coming through your town when we were. I I'd developed a vintage cowboy boot databases and then it can spread to everybody in my band and for a while there we were all wearing, and Eric and Michael F Ellis stomp around the house and the pointy boots. I remember that and we we we we would go to these like these little junk shops on the side of the road in Arkansas. And then we always cowboy boots you notice Tony lamas from the fifties just covered with cobwebs and you doing than five pair for twenty bucks, and so anyway that you can a thing for me for a while, and I've only got twenty five pairs of vintage elephant skin powder blue cowboy boots here in the housework that I don't wear that much, but I that I have I did buy a shelving unit and now they're kind of a third art display.

The larger lot like I'm dying to get one off, but I think I like Einstein, disposal and* the story here is a cartoon character, but he was same thing every day and so he would diabetes. He's going to quasi- grants enclosed it seems like that so you have a very busy mind you, a lot of things going on. A lot of people need to talk to and to me, you want to keep it simple so you know, but you probably order the same, pretty please are many more. The bark you the same burger meal. He noted Burke was thinking, and in his right eye getting up close, you did you sign and you know what you're in for. There are some people, like my aunt, my friend Dave Bazin from the Van Pedro the lion who knows travels. Under his own name and design. She is ex- ex- Christian, I believe so. Well, yeah, formerly a devout Christian, now a questioning man in the world driving on suspended license is now these now. Well, I think you mail gotten his license renewed, but he's now these now is one of these one of the seekers, and it was on the ballot have to think about his clothes so he wears the same black T-shirt and Levi's jeans every day and Chris wall of death cab for cutie very similar mentality to a saying when when Adam when Converse decided they were going to stop making Susan America and start making Susan China Griswold went out and bought. I'm pretty sure twenty five prepares of low top cream-colored American-made converse, which he still is working his way through. It has them. This was ten years ago, at least. And he has been stacked somewhere and when he wears about egos into the default and brings out a new pair of Converse and break them in. Though I'm not like that at and actually wallow once said, you showed up at the studio. One day he said, from day-to-day I don't know whether you can walk in that door, looking like a tenured professor of literature or like a space cowboy from the planet. Soul talk, he said. What I don't get it, like what every day. It's like it's like eco- management and you're not exactly in costume butcher in outfits that doesn't have any relationship to the outfit you wore yesterday or the outfit your dinnerware tomorrow, and I hadn't even noticed. Honestly, until he pointed out that that was true and I don't know what it represents a curiosity about curiosity about identity manhood with its curiosity about identity, because I know what you were close, though I do wear clothes at least out of the house on our plan right now only all time, but any, I think it's advocates that the direction for you. You guys existed at all, you guess it again. I think you have an interesting and interestingly addressing asleep, but I do when I see the appeal. I hate that I have referred to before the cartoon character approach in up against the like Donald Duck in upshot. Def Leppard shirt, but he's always got a little silly deal going on you guys like a iconographic justice like your hair if you're if you were to show up at an event in your hair was was professionally styled lists people with a Windows Merlin Mann arrived. The flat, though, I want to hear it used to be. It's gotten flat I need a haircut. He generally I believe in your hair, though I believe it will, I believe it will search you to get your second wind. I do well because you got a dear hearing your forties now and you're not going anywhere, so finance get great, now, which would landlady likes with the school is that she likes you to say that, but it's not. I feel lucky in that sense of the night. I mean, I'm insecure about semi- things. I'm glad I don't have to also be insecure about being a clich of a man losing his hair. You guy don't appear to be losing my hair nicely. I really wrote that had air. If I do, I'm losing everything else, but the banal my hair I'm losing my hearing delete that I'm a mess. I'm hearing from you. I will. I went to a birthday party where the birthday party was nowhere shooting AK-47s and in between clinical and typical headed by and between clips I took my the my headphones off my, my earphones and then somebody's shot summary fired around and I did have my earphones on and I swear you twenty years of playing rock music. I did less damage to my hearing then now, one bullet fired right next to me with with my earphone off my air. It's the group, but it just was like, like an ice pick to the head and I know you are ringing. I got a ringing MIA at that tonight is that sinners will. I I doubt I got a ringing all God that's Sox data is not good. All my goodness, we really only awful is dealing you listen to the noise that night. Now it's not. If not tinnitus like where I'm what I'm clawing at the side of my head in madness. It's just not avoiding the usual fact that I'm not not anymore than I do to get there in about the earwigs, but within that lots up... but I'll let you know it is it is an active found I can duplicate the bench of the sound side, I am hearing and then at its height. I remember my dad when my dad 's favorite word for the last thirty years of his life was one that I is what makes everybody around you leave their mind at and I like I I I hear myself doing it. I'm already like fun, but you know why I'm saying is like an old Jewish man, but if it went polygonal or movie; I.

Yesterday or those like could you repeat the salad dressing, guys, they got. I like. Finally, I think a lot about my senility. I know it can happen. I think it's probably kind of underway already. And I like to think a lot about how all my numerous every all my numerous drawbacks as a human being again. I really coalesce nicely together. I think being a guy who doesn't listen very well. Cox line isn't very smart doesn't think a lot about what he says is sometimes a little bit nervous and paranoid to come together very, very nicely. That's a great combo. If I mishear the dressing and increase your people to get me started. Tell but you know, I noticed them and that was a while there where your paranoia. I was concerned, slides, I was like Berlin, getting four more paranoid all the time when people worry about me. Sometimes I just get there I go through it thing, was still the same awful person. Well, but that's the thing. Yeah, I think you I think your paranoia. It ballooned and you've ratcheted it back. Assault is the ease is below( with a bit of a year ago, even saying that part out those doors of Windows. A few hours. I disagree. I disagrees telling people before he valiantly concerns yakitori, so you're worried about people being worried about you. I understand that the ladies of thousand island SM, but understand that I stammer, thought out and it is something else going on you need and nine twenty five and if he would be gone. It wouldn't even realize it there. I called you but you very good argument tightknit friends who understand and I don't have a lot of friends which is already a very tightknit group of friends. That's not my thing about unbending the small group of friends at the tightknit okay it's people spread across America to people all over America who care about Merlin Mann, who you think about what is momentous care. Think about Merlin Mann day-to-day like an ongoing way I just like Berlin in a totally freaks me out. Doesn't the last awful lot no I wish I just decide that. Just know that they disappear when I was somebody should write... I will thought all my God I told you about your being on tour in people come up to me in the in bars or the lack chosen and I see them coming, with outstretched hand and you your piece and I'm ready you for my piece I would to write between their eyes are absent in a arcade fire but I'm ready to say hello. Oh, I like my records why think you and the lock of amigo you know Merlin Mann. I love hiking, I can hear you again you are very, very hard. We first voluntary hard to get you the phalanx of security that you have read near you. Frequently, little fast list of the bathing and well-liked. I just don't do so well that's that the religious issue thanks I take forbade of the day Friday but I don't believe in so no buttons and no so could the pain they are being conceived of the English column at sake` we should stop present no this is this is good enough and in a storm such about classes on network or connect the stakes will please remember was a place. The left was a fancy place grew quickly enough to know what that was good was a place of this voice outsider was now willing to go to a place not it was one we smoked cigars. After dinner I don't smoke I I can. It was it was a dark place with a really nice to us, even on a good feeling anyone else downtown. It was Al gaucho. Unquestionably, it wasn't good at stake and we had a good time. You started this conversation talking about a time where we gossiped about our friends at an outdoor steak restaurant is near water and what were we aware that we were at the Edgewater hotel really, it's a place where there's a lot of outdoor seating of the great it might be at a place that served batfish to tourists, but was a little bit fancy you, and I think we have water in a clear glass, and we announced down. We got such three chairs and we gossiped about three or four bandmates for like four hours with Scott Simpson, then measurements were lousy lesson. This is a pretty long time ago. How is he still thought about people who your band of showers and given them leave. You don't really worry about some more. Well, but it's there. So many people now. I would I've spent all my time just thinking about all the people that have been in the long winter sleep with aspects that are of the book covers all day, no matter the other coming here coming to America. Thirty but tickets, so there after the fast backs just are watching the are just watching models were roundabout in their room and thinking pretty and he got out about the accident. They just know the regular medicine, wondering when the model will bring them more to drink. So if aspects of the seven Cisco. What is that Anna Kadar, the mops mops are opening for them. I written off at the mouth when we were at it, the muffs it feels to me that a lot of stick from that love me. The suspects are are as great as the.

All you introduced me that Dina Barnett made my putting year that will last alright. I love that guy. In fact, this Saturday I am. I'm starring in a music video for a local band here called stag two hundred and occur blog is also good to be in the music video on I'm playing a dejected heart. I'm wearing a giant heart costume and curb like I think is good be Santa Claus. Shortly there is really needed back at me. Finally she would. You will work his talent. I think that no acting talent and Debbie find your greatness Decembers video to be. Yeah, I don't somehow I thought that that opinion in December 's videos really can send my career through the roof. But is that I think the beard. Most people don't recognize it is me. I must've only remember the Bears Smith, the blacksmithing. If you know, I'm actually a character called: and his wife just release date of a book for preteens or I guess teams early teens, where: wrote the story and present wrote the or did the drawing, nice, and one of the characters in the book is called.

John Roderick, and he is a is a vagabond and it doesn't TP anybody's house. He doesn't add up big in the bookie, TW, though they bring, but he is a will there best, so now I've been immortalized in in cartoon form well, again, again immortalized again, it causes our talk about state. I want to talk about it on eyeglasses are you and what was done of the next. Next house is averted when does the prevailing party talk to the perfect milk yield light. We literally to talk reverence. I'm thinking we should just we should once a week, we should do this. Emily got not one chamber. Enormous and absolutely lower talk about the teapot of Jesus= talk about really politics all the departing runtime, but steeper given angle on it, you got an angle I begin, it's time you stood next time I let early awareness. You overlooked were searching for and anything know the lot. It will, we should. We should doubt why somebody I had all utilized by the Jonathan: and I said Marlin activity. This talk on the phone once a week and identical said he got Evan Engel, who they said I don't know if we have an angle. He said not only got have an angle and die too much time up front to write it. I always got a note below the note. Now, that's exactly right, good, that landlord. One of that once rightly got an angle, you shall not puppet people of puppets. We identify not at the puppets, but I don't know, but I don't know what Arango is an NPF: send what we should do this. There was a lead forgot to say this assistant is beginning to: so we should wish to play twenty seconds of the song. Any song and then that'll be a launching pad for twenty seconds of the song. I will start time of the song. The world that we do. I would do that oddly, I will admit that it be that it be a good feature. My feeling is that these things, either through and I consider this pilot. I don't know whoever do it again and enough animals to care identical, but these website and look again and I'll do everyone a deal. I just look at your Roderick on helping God I almost believe that I I says it done so we should put you in a in the first twenty twenty, the tax man, and every, every week we talk about it. Braff and are at it in a totally different way. I'll will and that is live at the will is six astounding. It's astounding. I know we should do that we need music. I should use that song that you don't like. I like to never put it to see his sugar from say that I don't shoot me doing tuition. I think you still like it. I was intuitive for years. I can't thought, the computer as I know it's it's got that nice bit, you know what it would work that you let the activated automated it did at the beginning and it goes right. It is it is the theme of the Trinity NIDA give a copy handy right now. No, like I said, I haven't thought about it and you have telecine or music. You know I am one of the unborn. Those artists that not only does not. I can hardly bear to move to find in a store or a bar and my music comes out on the stereo. I have my reaction is always the same at first, I don't know what's going on and then I go to forget is that letter is weird, I know that. And then I go all although all I have to get out here, the same way every time, and the only saving grace is that I always go through a two second. Where Michael that I thought that I like this that that's on school and is awkward. The only thing that would be worse is if I went on what is left of flux event that I was eleven. I actually masturbating yourself, you'll back it up, eliminating the cap taste of never happened the stranger, but I I I I tried to listen to the podcast are you and I did last week, and I actually caught myself laughing a couple of times in the first ten minutes of it welcomed the problem and then I commend the second time I caught myself laughing I I just turned it off because I was like what you laughing at that's restraint up up up up at a good thought to himself as having a Hitler taught and what they Hitler talk, my goodness, all right... you next week. I talk to you so Thursdays. No, I don't know strongly like the Miller went up, look, you know what I need them. I'm not inviting he's off Serafina pattern clean clothes. I need one thing that happens every week and I can get every levy, you will be burly man, I can I can be that suitable for you bank. Welcome to rule him.